The Conversation

The Conversation

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SPOILER ALERT: this podcast discusses several crucial plot points.


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  1. Franmac says:

    Good synopsis of why one of the new wave’s greatest talents shouldn’t be dismissed because of the 80’s. When I first watched the conversation it felt like a nice bite sized project for Coppola between the Godfather movies, rather than a full time return to the art-house movie. I wonder did Apocalypse Now wear him down at the end of the Seventies? What contributed to the view that his star was on the wain in the 80’s? The Cotton Club? Or was hollywood reluctant to invest in another Heaven’s Gate with Coppola? One point to note about Coppola is the fact that he has produced a lot more than directed.

    Big Thanks Steven, really enjoy reading your essays & listening to your podcasts

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