Moving Pictures: From Hollywood to Silicon Valley

This extended video-essay examines the technological innovation at the heart of cinema, focusing on the way in which cinema is coping with the move from Hollywood to Silicon Valley. Beginning with the origins of visual storytelling some 40,000 years ago, it takes in the early days of cinema and charts the transition from the first presentations of single-space/time events and on through to the advent of editing. Noting how the arrival of synchronised sound affected editing rates, it details the works of Sergei Eisenstein, Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock. In addition, it examines how the widescreen format impacted on editing as well as the use of the close-up. Acknowledging the advent of digital filmmaking, it asks how will Hollywood adapt to its latest move from analogue to digital filmmaking.

This video-essay is part of a series I am uploading for education purposes and is protected under the Fair Use copyright laws of the United States.

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