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PASSCHENDAELE is a romantic historical epic set in World War One.

Using The Great War as its canvas, Passchendaele threads together the stories of three couples; American, Irish and English, weaving their destinies through one of history’s most tumultuous eras.

For three generations, the Langleys of Richmond, Virginia have raised nothing but soldiers, and Sebby is expected to be no different. But Sebby is fixed on being a writer and, needing to escape his father’s cold command, he thunders up the tracks to New York. There he meets Manhattan heiress, Athena Van der Veldt. But Athena is also an idealistic medical student and with her own father constantly sneering at her liberal views, she senses that in Sebby she might have finally found her soul mate…

Edie Delaney is a young Dublin laundress who dreams of escaping the city’s slums. With Empire Day approaching, a great military parade is due to take place in the Phoenix Park and Edie heads along with her friends to watch the display. Seeing Private Ben Carroll emerge from a wreath of cannon-fire she is instantly smitten. A hard man, Ben is gentle with Edie but she knows she will have to keep their love a secret; her Uncle Joe is an ardent Republican who dreams of an Ireland rid of British influence…

Although born eleven months apart, James and ‘Teddy’ De La Warr grew up as if twins. Whether they were on the fields of Winchester or in the quads of Oxford, these aristocratic brothers stood shoulder-to-shoulder. But James is the elder so he is the Duke and as the younger, Teddy feels trapped in the shadows. The enmity deepens when James swoops in to steal Teddy’s sweetheart, Farah. As the war breaks out and Teddy gathers into his uniform, he vows to surpass James and win Farah back…

Spanning two oceans, three continents, and six years Passchendaele tells a story of rage and pity, loss and redemption, and tradition and change. With its individual voices and timeless themes, Passchendaele casts personal ideals against the enormity of history and shows how the escalating passions of hate, vengeance, and despair can be conquered by the redemptive powers of love, salvation, and hope.

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