186. Spotlight


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SPOILER ALERT: this podcast discusses several plot points crucial to the story’s denouement.

2 Responses to “186. Spotlight”

  1. Janine says:

    even though i have not seen the movie yet, your podcast certainly inspires me to do so. I particularly like your broader view of how society is the sustaining foundation of all the ills that fester in it – as you say, we prefer to believe that it is not so, but reality is the opposite.
    In the end you list the realms of delusion of objectivity stating that only mathematics and science are excluded – however i would even include science in the group as it, too changes continuously – even mathematical theories change, only numbers do not – or do they?!

  2. Hi Janine,
    Thank you for listening in and thank you also for your generous comment. I mentioned science and mathematics because they operate indifferently to our existence. While they appear to change, it surely is only our understanding of them that changes.
    I hope you continue to tune in to future podcasts that will include The Revenant, Cabaret and The Last Emperor.

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