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163. Inside Out

Inside Out may reveal the the emotional turmoil going on within a young girl’s mind, but a closer look will show you the secret workings inside Pixar Studios.

162. True Detective

Whether it be theatre, film or TV, all stories need good plots and performances. But what elevated True Detective Season 1 to the status of classic was its structure.

161. Dr. Strangelove

Until 1964, Stanley Kubrick had suffered years of set-backs, disappointments and frustration. But he made his reputation with this satire on nuclear war.

160. Amy

Asif Kapadia’s extraordinary documentary makes for uncomfortable viewing, not least because he doesn’t only focus on the flaws of the tragic singer.

159. The Concert Film

With content pretty much always the same, what elevates one concert movie above others is not just the quality of the music, it is also the film’s form.

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