2. Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet

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2 Responses to “2. Sidney Lumet”

  1. I just recently watched Q & A by Lumet. Although I don’t believe the film has the impact of Prince of the City there is no question about the superb performances by the cast. Besides the solid work of Nick Nolte, Timothy Hutton
    and Armand Assante, there are very fine performances by Charles Dutton, Luis Guzman, Paul Calderon, Lee Richardson and Patrick O’Neil. Lumet’s skill in working with actors is a testament to his early training as an actor and his experience in live television. He remains greatly missed.

  2. Q&A is a very strong film, let down I think by a compromised third act (whereas Prince of the City keeps its metal right through to the end). But as you say, the performances in Q&A are superb. I will never forget Armande Assante’s introductory scene. And then the supporting cast is so strong it’s like a group of all stars sitting on the bench waiting to come on.

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