67. The Exorcist

 The Exorcist

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Note: This podcast contains language some listeners may find offensive.

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  1. John Lee says:

    Mr Benedict,
    having heard your piece on newstalk last night i was compelled to contact you. I am 38 years old and involved with film production myself, so please don\’t confuse me with a blue rinse pensioner. i found your final section of that piece uninformed, unreasonable and fine example of sectarian bigotry. I noticed you had not the courage of your conviction to attack the Muslim religion who you stated preformed female genital mutilation which is a hideous crime or how other religions, particularly in Asian religions, treat women with disdain. Instead you did what is typical, you attack Catholics. Although elements within the catholic church\’s administration were guilty as the state was in my view of criminal negligence and the church acted as fly paper for pedophiles who saw an opportunity for power which enabled them to commit their crimes, it is not reasonable or correct to use those crimes to attack and pursue a sectarian anti catholic agenda at the cost
    of the suffering of the victims of those crimes. by all means attack the evil vicious bastards that committed these crimes and those who covered them up but remember when you attack innocent people and those who have dedicated their life to service for good, you are no better than those criminals, with out reasonable thinking you become nothing more than a sectarian bigot who uses the scraps of misery left by evil people to feed your own deep root hatred and fear. – regards – J.L

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