377. Mindhunter


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  1. Francis says:

    Hi Steven,

    Just finished season 2 of Mindhunter. I do hope David Fincher gets more time after doing his other projects to put into the series.

    Your comments on the direction of season two not just profiling the serial killers, but profiling how law enforcement working around the factors of power, politics, and poverty (which limit justice), reminds me the direction that The Wire took during and after its season 2. This is when the writers went from showing us a prolonged stake out of up and coming drug dealers to outlining the decay of the American Dream from within.

    Thanks for the podcasts,


  2. Hello Francis,
    Thank you for listening in and taking the time to post.
    I hadn’t recognised that The Wire had taken their route until after Season 2. Although a big fan of the show, I came to it later than most so I was playing catchup and as a result remember it as a show that had always explored that terrain. I had toyed with doing a podcast but decided five seasons was just too much to address in a mere fifteen minutes.
    While social decay is agreat subtext for Mindunter, I read recently that Netflix have put the series on “indefinite hold.” Which is terribly disappointing.
    Best wishes and stay safe,

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